USB3.2 Gen2x1 4-Port Hub with Two Type-C/Power Delivery Supported Controllers

General Description

The RTS5423 is an advanced USB3.2 Gen2x1 Hub and PD3.0 controller supporting up to two ports full featured Type-C, and 3 ports Type-A connectors that function as a 4-Port USB3.2 Gen2x1 Hub, a 4-Port USB2.0 Hub, and a 2-Port PD3.0 controller. It supports USB3.2 Gen2x1, USB2.0, Type-C, and PD3.0 specifications, and fully backward supports the USB3.2 Gen1, USB1.1, and USB1.0 specifications. Based on MCU architecture, the RTS5423 can easily update FW for future specification updates, or provide easy feature customization, using an ISP tool.

With an RT smart charger function, the RTS5423 supports most popular charging solutions and supports BC1.2 and PD3.0. It also implements CC terminations defined by Type-C specification Revision1.2 for current advertisements. Additionally, Apple and Samsung charger ports are emulated on every port with the RTS5423’s Auto-Detection-Switch mechanism.

The ‘ACA-Docking’ function defined by the BC1.2 specification is also supported by the RTS5420’s upstream port. When a device that supports the ACA-Dock feature of the BC1.2 specification is connected to an ACA-Dock, it acts as a host to various USB peripherals, such as a hub, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc., while simultaneously this device can be receiving a charge.

The BOM cost is reduced through a combination of factors. The RTS5423 deploys 10Gbps 1:2 MUX on the upstream port and downstream port 1, which is necessary for Type-C’s plug flip-ability. An LDO regulator is integrated, supplying stable 3.3V for the RTS5423. In DP-Alt mode, a HPD pin is used for DP plug detection. With a high resolution ADC of up to 4 channels, the RTS5423 can monitor the current and voltage of each port simultaneously for OCP, UVP, and OVP protection. There is also a configurable Billboard device integrated, which is important when Alt-Mode is applied.

The RTS5423 has various interfaces such as GPIOs, I2C, and SMBUS, for controlling or communicating with other components, such as a PMU (Power Management Unit) for Type-C VBUS management.
The RTS5423 supports a special power saving function named ‘Delink mode’. When no device is attached, the RTS5420 can switch to a deeper suspend mode similar to ‘Disconnected’.


  • Supports USB Specification 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 , 3.1, 3.2
    • Simultaneous USB3.2 Gen2x1, USB3.2 Gen1, USB2.0, USB1.1
    • MTT (Multiple Transaction Translator) architecture for USB2.0
    • All power states L0/L1/L2 for USB2.0, USB1.1
    • All power states U0/U1/U2/U3 for USB3.2 Gen2x1, USB3.2 Gen1
    • LDM (Link Delay Measurement) for USB3.2 Gen2x1 application
    • PTM (Precision Time Measurement) for USB3.2 Gen2x1 application
    • Multiple-IN transfers for USB3.2 Gen2x1 application
    • Weighted round robin arbitration for USB3.2 Gen2x1/Gen1 bandwidth control
  • Supports Type-C Specification 1.2
    • 1 UFP port and 1 DFP port to support Type-C connectors
    • Integrates all necessary CC logistics
    • Integrates 2 VCONN switches with OCP functions
    • Firmware architecture for Type-C state machines
    • Default/1.5A/3A current mode for Type-C current modes
    • A Billboard device is integrated
    • 2:1 10Gbps Mux is embedded for Normal/Flipped switching on each Type C port
  • Supports Power Delivery Specification 3.0 V1.0
    • Integrated BMC PHY
    • Embedded MCU for PD Policy Engine (PE), Device Policy Manager (DPM), System Policy Manager (SPM) implementations
    • PD Class specific descriptors, requests, and events are supported
    • PD USB hub/device related descriptors and requests are supported
    • Supports Fast Role Swap
    • Supports Extended Message (both chunked and unchunked transmission)
  • RT Smart Charger
    • Flexible Power delivery power profiles, up to 20V/5A
    • Default/1.5A/3A current mode for Type-C current modes
    • USB-IF BC1.2 SDP/CDP/DCP/ACA mode
    • Emulation of Apple and Samsung dedicated charger ports
    • Auto detect/switch mode between different charger modes
  • Miscellaneous
    • HPD signal detection for DP-Alt mode application
    • ADC for VBUS voltage monitoring of each Type C port
    • SMBUS Slave controller
    • I2C Master/Slave controller
    • GPIO Configuration controller
    • External SPI flash for firmware update and system settings, with ISP function
    • Integrated MCU for Hub, Type-C, PD Alternate Mode, and system control
    • Integrated 5 to 3.3V LDO regulator
    • eFUSE for functions configuration
    • Supports the ‘Delink’ state for extreme power saving
  • 88-Pin QFN (10 x 10mm) package

RTS5423 KGH 01

 RTS5423 KGH 02

RTS5423 KGH 03

RTS5423 KGH 04

RTS5423 KGH 05


  • Notebook, Desktop PCs
  • Docks, Dongles
  • Monitors

RTS5423 KGH Information

The RTS5423 KGH is a module that includes the RTS5423 controller. It offers 4 downstream port Type-A connectors, and supports USB3.2 Gen2x1 Multiple-IN transfers. This module supports USB3.2 Gen2, USB2.0, and fully backward supports the USB3.2 Gen1 (USB3.0), USB1.1, and USB1.0 specifications.
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