ADSL2+ Router SoC Solution

General Description

The Realtek RTL8671/RTL8671P are integrated SoCs featuring a RISC, an ADSL2+ Discrete MultiTone (DMT) datapump, a hardware ATM Segmentation and Reassembly (SAR), a 10/100Mbps IEEE 802.3 compatible MAC with Ethernet transceiver, and a PCI host/device bridge interface. Together with the Realtek RTL8271 (ADSL2+ Analog Front End), the RTL8671/RTL8671P provide a low-cost integrated solution for ADSL2+ CPE modem, router, or gateway.

The RTL8671/RTL8671P incorporate high-performance DSP technologies, optimized mixed-signal designs, and an efficient system architecture to provide a seamless WAN to LAN router controller. The embedded RISC network processor supports the MIPS I instruction set along with DSP extensions, and achieves a 200MHz clock rate in a six-stage pipeline to support layer 2, 3, and other upper layer applications.


  • RTL8671 or RTL8671P & RTL8271 two-chip solution
  • SAR
    • 16 VC SAR AAL0/5
  • DMT
    • ADSL2+, Annex A, L, M 
    • 512 downstream tones (2.2 MHz)
    • Up to 24Mbps DS with S=1/3
    • Supports dual latency 
    • Supports ATM0, ATM1 in TPS-TC layer 
    • Supports OLR: bit-swap, DRR, SRA
    • Supports Power Management mode L0, L2, L3
    • Supports Short Handshake
  • 200MHz CPU
  • Embedded VoIP DSP Processor
  • Highly integrated peripherals
    • 10/100M Auto-Crossover Ethernet PHY
    • Optional MII interface
    • PCI – 2 devices
    • UART
    • PCM
    • GPIO


  • ADSL2+ Modem/Router (1 or 4-port)
  • ADSL2+ Router/WIFI/VoIP
  • Real-time ADSL2+ Jukebox
  • Real-time ADSL2+ IAD