DVB-C QAM Receiver

General Description

The RTL2840 is a complete QAM demodulator that supports all QAM modes from QPSK to 1024 QAM, as well as a wide range of symbol rates (from less than 1Msps to more than 7Msps). It fully is compatible with the ETS 300 429 DVB-C specification. A high-resolution ADC and PLL are embedded to directly sample and process IF (Intermediate Frequency) signals. The powerful carrier recovery, timing recovery, and adaptive equalizer allow for highly efficient QAM signal reception.

With on-chip FEC (Forward Error Correction) and a BER (Bit-Error Rate) tester, the RTL2840 reports receiving status and signaling quality information. A built-in automatic re-acquisition function permits use of an extremely simple driver. An MPEG2 transport stream interface supports both serial and parallel modes. The RTL2840 can be flexibly configured by the built-in IIC interface to process signals in various conditions. The RTL2840 is ideal for DVB-C applications and provides high performance and stability.


  • 4/16/32/64/128/256/512/1024 QAM demodulator, supporting all constellations up to 1024 QAM (compatible with ETS 300 429)
  • On-chip FEC decoder and de-interleaver
  • Cost-effective direct IF sampling architecture and pure digital solution
  • Single low-cost crystal for clock generation (±100 ppm)
  • High-performance Timing Recovery Algorithm (patent pending)
  • Supports variable symbol rates from 1Msps to 7Msps
  • Robust carrier frequency recovery
  • Integrated high-performance adaptive equalizer (Patent pending) to combat  multi-reflection cable environments
  • Impulse noise cancellation circuits
  • On-chip PLL to minimize jitter noise
  • On-chip 12-bit ADC and ADC preamplifier
  • Delayed PWM AGC with programmable take-over point (TOP) and gain-dispatching options
  • Supports parallel and serial MPEG transport stream interfaces
  • Fast convergence time: less than 20 ms for 256QAM and typical multi-path environment
  • 64-pin LQFP (10mmx10mmx1.4mm)


  • Set-Top Box
  • PC TV
  • TV Module