Asia Responsible Enterprise Award (AREA)

Realtek cooperated with Taipei’s Longshan Temple, the Liver Disease Prevention & Treatment Foundation, and Yuan High-Tech Development Co. to offer free hepatitis and liver cancer screenings and to conduct a liver health awareness survey. The purpose of the event was to encourage people to heed their liver health by undergoing preventive measures and screenings, with the aim of eliminating hepatitis C in Taiwan by 2025. A total of 8,032 people joined the event and completed the health awareness survey, setting a new Guinness World Record for most people completing a health survey in 12 hours and writing a new page in Taiwan’s liver disease prevention efforts.

The event relied on cooperation between different groups, combining the power of religious beliefs, health care, and digital technology to develop a diverse partnership. Local religious centers led the way in encouraging the public to participate, which helped to spread awareness about the prevention of both liver disease and hepatitis through the power of technology. The event also supported the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including those calling for “good health and well-being” and “partnerships for the attainment of common goals.” The activity provided an all-new model for health charity events.

In 2021, following document review, presentations, and judges’ evaluations, this project won an Asia Responsible Enterprise Award (AREA) in the Health Promotion category, presented by a leading Asian entrepreneurship group, Enterprise Asia. AREA’s annual ceremony was held online during the afternoon of September 2nd, 2021. Participants from across Asia gathered to share achievements their enterprises made in the field of corporate social responsibility. Realtek gathered the strengths of various partners to promote the project, winning the award again after having previously won the AREA Health Promotion Award in 2018.

2021 AREA獎盃 1