In support of education, Realtek has always cared deeply about promoting knowledge effectively while increasing ingenuity and resource sharing. We’ve long dreamed of using new methods and entering new fields in order to accelerate broad-based knowledge and shared innovation gains around the world. Therefore, Realtek searched for a solution, pouring resources into building technology-based knowledge sharing platforms. These efforts were carried out jointly by the technology, start-up, and education sectors, leading to the establishment of the self-learning organization ‘Accomdemy’. The objective is for makers from around the world to be able to join this social group to freely initiate the topics they want to learn or jointly build technology R&D projects that interest them. The exchanging of ideas with partners in this social group leads to joint innovation and inspiration, as well as the sharing of knowledge and creative achievements. Based on the foundation built by makers through the power of passion and spontaneity, we hope to attract more partners from a wide range of industries to join. As these new participants contribute more resources, more impactful synergies will emerge, leading even more makers from all over the world to join. This will give rise to the introduction of more learning topics and R&D projects, further facilitating the development of this technology-based knowledge sharing platform. People who are passionate about technological R&D and who want to learn about innovation and the creation of new things, will now be able to find the professional resources and R&D project partners they have always wished for on ‘Accomdemy’.

Realtek believes that participation and support from enterprises in the development of the makers’ community group will boost the sharing of community technology and knowledge resources. People from around the world will then be able to use the Accomdemy platform for further exploration in their studies and to advance innovative applications. Furthermore, Realtek hopes that the development of this online social platform will enable people from rural communities to easily access educational resources in the electrical, information, science, and engineering fields. By bridging education and technology, Accomdemy will create greater innovation and value. As the knowledge and strength of Accomdemy multiplies, all participants on the platform will benefit from the abundant knowledge and value, causing the platform to spread even further. Since the founding of Accomdemy in February 2022, close to 2,200 members joined from a diverse set of places ranging from Asia, to Europe, and North America. They spontaneously held 239 knowledge sharing activities. The number of monthly active users increased from 493 in the initial
stage, to 1,785, with a monthly natural rate of increase of 9.8%. The average engagement rate also rose to 19.8%. Growth of the platform was evident as seen in the increase in innovations. During the first quarter of 2022, contributors to the platform independently submitted 15 hardware projects and seven software projects while sharing knowledge through written documents. The results showed how Accomdemy members successfully use a technology-based knowledge platform combined with the strength of social participation to make technology learning sustainable and to produce a positive cycle of innovation.

In the future, Realtek plans to turn Accomdemy into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This type of social enterprise would likely attract even more people to join and promote the development of makers’ communities around the world, who will in turn share even more innovative projects. By making the sharing of knowledge and learning opportunities borderless, Accomdemy is spreading technology education. Everyone with a desire to learn can feel the warmth of sharing and the energy that comes from joint participation.