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To protect the legal rights of employees, Realtek complies with the local labor regulations at each of our operating locations around the world. It adheres to the spirit and basic principles of human rights protection set out in international human rights conventions, such as the ‘International Bill of Human Rights’, the ‘International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work’, and the ‘UN Global Compact’. We also established the Human Rights Policy of Realtek Semiconductor to fully express our commitment to protecting human rights as well as the dignified treatment and respect of all employees and contractors. Realtek also refers to the International Bill of Human Rights and globally accepted labor rights regulations. We adhere to the standards and spirit of the RBA Code of Conduct when formulating and implementing management systems for labor and ethical standards. It discloses policies, commitments, goals, mitigation measures, and grievance channels related to human rights. Measures are taken to ensure that human resources policies do not contain discrimination based on gender, race, socioeconomic status, age, and marital and family status, so as to achieve equality and fairness in employment, hiring conditions, remuneration, benefits, training, evaluation, and promotion opportunities.

To strengthen human rights awareness among employees, Realtek continues to focus on human rights topics in a number of ways. In management seminars and training camps for new employees, everyone learns about the Company’s internal policies, guidelines, and sustainable development achievements. The activities enable all participants to fully understand the content of Realtek’s human rights policy. In 2021, human rightsrelated education and training totaled 4.33 hours, and enrollment in these classes totaled 959.

        The Human Rights Policy of Realtek Semiconductor is
        implemented through the following guidelines:                                                                  The Realtek Labor Policy


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