Sustainability Commitment

Our Sustainability Commitments

Commitment to sustainability goals, honesty and integrity
Active cooperation on service and quality requirements
Implementation of green energy policy and environmental responsibility
Innovative R&D to enrich the world and improve convenience
Sustainable talent development and safe environment
Warm the hearts of more people through continued progress

Realtek Sustainability Management Organization

The CSR philosophy is crucial to sustainability promotion at Realtek and one of our key goals. The Board of Directors is the top decision-making body of the Realtek sustainability organization and is responsible for supervising the progress of each key topic. A ESG Center has been formed under the Office of the President to handle inter-departmental coordination and provide project progress reports on key CSR initiatives in corporate governance, R&D innovation, human resources, environmental responsibility, and social care. Realtek's sustainable development implementation result is reported to the board of directors once a year. The sustainable development implementation result in 2022 has been reported to the board of directors on October 28, 2022.

Regular cross-department meetings at the CSR Center continuously combine our sustainability policies and goals with our operations. GRI Standards and domestic/foreign initiatives are also used to imbue CSR awareness into the work plans and activities of all Realtek employees so that everyone can join in practicing and fulfilling our CSR commitments.