Realtek Single-Chip UHD LCD Monitor Controllers Achieve HDMI CTS 2.0 Certification

2014/08/06 World’s First HDMI CTS 2.0 Certified Monitor Controller Chip Vendor 

HSINCHU, Taiwan – August 06, 2014 – Realtek Semiconductor, a top fabless IC design company and world market leader in LCD display controller technology, today announced that its UHD LCD monitor controllers fully comply with High-Definition Multimedia Interface Compliance Test Specification 2.0 (HDMI CTS 2.0) and are the first to receive an HDMI 2.0 certification logo from Simplay Labs, LLC (a Silicon Image Authorized Test Center).

The Realtek RTD2796 Series (RTD2796 & RTD2796B) is an advanced all-in-one UHD LCD monitor controller with HDMI2.0/DisplayPort1.2/MHL/DVI digital inputs and RGB/YPbPr analog input. The PHY speed of the HDMI2.0 receiver in the RTD2796 Series supports up to 6GHz, allowing true UHD transmission at a 60Hz frame rate. The RTD2796 Series also supports Multi-Stream Transport (MST) technology in DisplayPort1.2, enabling end-users to easily daisy-chain multiple monitors. The RTD2796 Series supports all UHD panel interfaces, e,g., LVDS, V-by-one, eDP, etc.

The RTD2796 Series integrates an MCU, audio DAC, advanced color engine, 3D Gamma LUT, the 3rd generation Realtek image/video quality enhancement technology ‘Ultra-Vivid III’, Frame Rate Conversion (FRC), and Over-drive (OD). It supports PIP/PBP/Quad Display, providing a high quality and tightly integrated total solution in a cost-effective platform.

“We are pleased to announce that Realtek is the world’s first monitor controller chip vendor to receive HDMI CTS 2.0 certification”, said Realtek Vice President and Spokesman, Yee-Wei Huang. “Our products offer high integration, high performance, and high adaptability. We have focused on improving every aspect of the user experience as well as helping our customers to rapidly accelerate their design flow, and provide a cost reduction alongside an increase in features”.

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