Realtek Participates in ‘Taipei Smart City: Air Box PM2.5’ Project


HSINCHU, Taiwan –March 22, 2016 – The issue of air pollution has become a massive international problem in recent years, thus resulting in a rising awareness of environment protection by citizens. Realtek is excited to have the chance to team up with Taipei City Government, combining the forces of industry, government, academic institutions, and citizens to work on the ‘Taipei Smart City: Air Box PM2.5’ project.

Realtek has been maintaining a global leadership position in Communications Network IC design field for many years. In the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) field, Realtek’s solution ‘Ameba’ has received several awards including the 2015 Taipei COMPUTEX Best Choice Golden Award. Realtek used the Ameba IoT platform to develop the ‘Air Box’, commissioned third-party hardware manufacturer Edimax to produce the devices, and partnered with Asus’ cloud platform as well as Institute of Information Science and the Research Center for Environmental Changes of Academia Sinica to deliver the big data analytics.

The ‘Taipei Smart City: Air Box PM2.5’ project participants include industry, government, academia, and citizens. Realtek will donate 300 air boxes to the Department of Information Technology, Department of Education, and Department of Environmental Protection of the Taipei City Government, and those boxes will be distributed to 150 elementary schools and enthusiastic citizens in Taipei.

Through this "living lab" demo platform provided by the Taipei City government, Realtek, teaming with partners, hopes to contribute her technologies in Communications Network, Multimedia, PC Peripheral, and IoT. Also, using big data analytics and real-time information from Academia Sinica, Taipei city citizens can involve themselves directly in environmental issues, participate in improving the environment, and build a Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) city together. For Realtek, the project also helps us to realize corporate social responsibility by promoting the smart city concept to the Taipei government and improving environmental issues for the citizens.

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