Realtek Launches HD Audio CODEC at IDF Taipei 2004


Hsinchu, Taiwan, April 09, 2004 - Realtek Semiconductor Corp., the world's leading network and PC peripheral supplier, today announced its newest audio CODEC. Featuring Intel's next-generation High Definition Audio (HD Audio) specification, the CODEC will be launched at the Intel Developer Forum, Taipei, April 12-13. The new product provides PC users with a full immersion audio experience and integrates the experience of high-quality consumer electronics audio with PC multimedia applications. Adopting Dolby Laboratories latest digital audio technology, the new PC audio solution advances PC sound playback and enables PCs to fully support emerging digital formats and devices. "Audio is becoming a crucial element of PCs as digital devices and online media applications are becoming widely used. With its innovative audio software technology, the new Audio CODEC will be the stimulant that pushes the PC into becoming the home entertainment center" said Robert Wang, Realtek's audio product manager.

The HD Audio CODEC delivers comparable playback quality to consumer electronic audio devices. With increased bandwidth supporting up to 192kHz sampling rate, the new audio solution enables the PC to become the media platform of home theater applications by supporting multi-channel and high-quality audio formats such as DVD-Audio.

Realtek's HD audio CODEC not only brings advanced surround audio to the PC, but also greatly enhances the quality of voice input and communication over the Internet:

  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation technology eliminates echo that frequently bothers PC users during conference calls.
  • Beam Forming technology automatically detects the direction of speakers to enhance the audio quality of microphones.
  • Noise Suppression reduces background noise, e.g., the sound of an air conditioner, to raise the voice quality of speakers in a conference call.

The Realtek HD audio CODEC takes advantage of Dolby's latest multi-channel audio technology to enrich the multimedia entertainment experience. PC users will enjoy the rich experience of high-quality surround-sound audio from their PC-based home theater. Implementation of Dolby's Dolby Pro Logic IIx transforms two-channel input into a highly dramatic and natural-sounding 7.1-channel experience. Dolby Headphone technology delivers realistic surround audio over headphones.

Realtek has been dedicated to the development of innovative audio technology for many years. Following Realtek's AC'97 Audio CODEC, which has become the main audio solution in worldwide PC markets, the HD Audio CODEC is predicted to be the future mainstream solution for high-quality PC audio.

In addition to the latest audio solutions, Realtek will present the RTM860-410 and the RTM860-420 clock generators, which support Intel Springdale series chipsets. The new products integrate with Realtek's proprietary Boostek® II, which provides PC users with flexible functionality enhancements, such as Linear Frequency, Group Delay, Sub-Frequency Divider, Spread Spectrum, and Turbo Functions. Realtek has been a long-term supplier of innovative supporting products for Intel chipsets, as well as providing total clock generator solutions for motherboard makers.

Realtek will present a live demonstration of the latest HD Audio solution at IDF, which will take place at the Taipei International Conference Center, April 12-13. Additional company and product information is available on Realtek's website at