Q1 When was Realtek incorporated?

Realtek was incorporated on October 21, 1987 in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan.

Q2 When is Realtek's fisical year end?

Our fisical year end is December 31.

Q3 What is the Realtek's stock code on Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE)?

Realtek's shares were listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on October 26, 1998 under TSE code "2379".

 Q4 How many outstanding Realtek shares are there?

There are 508,095,464 outstanding shares.

 Q5 When does Realtek release information about its monthly revenue?

We files revenue figures for the preceding calendar month by the 10th day of the following month.

Q6  Who is Realtek's transfer agent?

Realtek's transfer agent is Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Ltd.

Address:5F, 83, Sec. 1, Chung-Ching S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 100.