Risk Management

A sustainable business organization often faces many opportunities and risks from internal and external sources. Enterprises must have a sense of prevention and control to identify and understand the internal and external risks such as the economy, environment and people that the Company may face in its operations. Company has also formulated real-time resilient risk management measures and management strategies, initiate contigency action plans, and improved the overall risk management mechanism to ensure the long-term stable development of the Company. In addition, all departments follow the Company’s standardised business continuity management plan, clarify relevent risks that may impact the operation or sustainable development of the Company based on their competencies and responsibilities, monitor potential risks and implement preventive measures to strengthen risk management, enhance the systematic resilience, and achieve the objectives of risk management. This will in turn safeguard the interests of shareholders, enhance competitiveness and lay the foundation for the sustainable business operation and development of the Company.

The scope of risk management of Realtek covers strategic planning, operational management, financial operation, hazard events and other risks. We refer to the enterprise risk management (ERM) procedures, and ensure the stability of sustainable operation and reduce the risk impact through risk identification, measurement, monitoring, response, reporting and disclosure and other management procedures.


 Realtek Risk Management Organization Framework and Responsibilities