Local Social Care

 Donation of rapid screening reagents for the Security Police Squadron in Hsinchu Science Park

Since the end of 2019, COVID-19 raged through the whole world. To sustain normal operation of society, the police have maintained their fearlessness to serve the public constantly in the face of virus, demonstrating their fortitude and touching service spirit to stand at the frontline. On March 9th and May 24th, 2022, Realtek donated two batches of rapid screening reagents for the Security Police Squadron in Hsinchu Science Park, totaling 350 doses, to show gratitude to the Security Police Squadron in Hsinchu Science Park for their hard work!


 Cooperation with OldTree to promote love tree education and inheritance of old tree value

With long-term commitments to promoting love tree education and value inheritance, OldTree constantly shares the beauty of nature and the historical value of precious old trees with the students through campus promotion. Such concept is in line with the orientations of social participation, environmental protection, provision of quality education, and fulfilment of Realtek’s practice of ESG sustainable development. In 2022, we sponsored the “Old Tree Story House” and “Happy Storyteller” activities. With eco-education and old tree stories as the core of co-learning, we bring scientific knowledge of trees to students through accompanying learning and environmental interaction activities, rooting the concept of friendly environment in the heart of children and accompany them in their learning of happy nature knowledge. In 2022, we sponsored a total of 9 nature education courses on tree protection for more than 200 students to promote the transmission and sharing of nature knowledge, realizing the actions of Realtek in education and social participation!


 Sponsoring the Construction Project of Friendly Medical Space at Hsinchu MacKay Children’s Hospital

In response to the invitation of Raising Children Medical Foundation, Realtek sponsored Hsinchu MacKay Children’s Hospital for its construction of “Children-friendly Medical Space”. As the first specialized hospital for children in the Greater Hsinchu area with the introduction of arts and education, Hsinchu MacKay Children’s Hospital creates a childlike, warm, aesthetic, and imaginative medical space to reduce the discomfort and anxiety of children when seeking medical treatment or hospitalization, and thus stimulating positive energy.