Realtek Supports Charity with a Smile

The goal of “Shared Prosperity” is the consensus in respect of all Realtek employees’ concerns and actions, and we have long been supporting and participating in various social care and charitable activities. Since 2008, Realtek has been promoting social welfare affairs through a special social welfare program called “Realtek supports charity with a smile”, actively planning and engaging in various social welfare activities. Realtek’s employees work hand-in-hand and spare no efforts for social prosperity, bringing along social welfare and care actions that are of educational importance and substantial help to the society. The “Realtek supports charity with a smile” social welfare program encompasses diverse areas, covering six categories: youth growth and women’s and children’s safety care, rural community care and educational assistance, social mutual aid actions, academic research and social institution sponsorship, charity projects, and individual cases, which unfold a series of social welfare activities in full swing.

In 2010, we established the “Realtek CSR Planning Center” (now renamed as ESG Center) to invest more resources and energy into expanding social care and fulfilling CSR through systematic planning. Besides providing care to external recipients, we design internal activities to reinforce employees’ awareness of the importance of social care. Realtek also continues to learn from the society to strengthen and activate strategic CSR planning, thereby providing feedback to demonstrate engagement momentum and action effectiveness.


 Care for Rural Education

In adherence to the philosophy that a good education program takes a long time to develop, Realtek promotes its education missions and remains steadfast in its belief that education has profound influence to the sustainable development of students, society and country. Education has therefore always been one of the social welfare projects that Realtek has long attached importance to. To support education for indigenous children in Hsinchu County, Realtek provides scholarships, and assistance to four rural schools (Shih Lei Elementary School, Yu Feng Elementary School, Xin Guang Elementary School, and Hsiu Luan Elementary School) to enrich their educational resources. Long-term investment and enrichment of educational resources in remote campuses will enable children to thrive in a secure learning environment. We also hope that our students will continue to give back to the community and work together to promote mutual aid and love, which will lead to a positive social cycle in our country.

Each year, Realtek invites all students and teachers from four schools to participate in Realtek Family Day. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past two years, Realtek’s 36th Anniversary Family Day events was suspended terms of organizing physical activities. We, nevertheless, managed to prepare and share the snack boxes made by Children Are Us Foundation, sharing the joy and warmth to the teachers and students of the four rural schools. We also continued to provide scholarships to the four rural schools in order to help fund special programs, create more learning opportunities, and encourage children to study diligently.

Realtek was honored to receive a video recorded blessing from students and teachers at each of the four schools (Shih Lei Elementary School, Yu Feng Elementary School, Xin Guang Elementary School, and Hsiu Luan Elementary School) to celebrate Realtek’s 36th anniversary. We appreciate the innocence, joy, and happiness that each student brings. Realtek Family Day is a shared event between the four schools and the Big Crab Family, in which everyone joins to experience the warmth and joy of learning.

Realtek has been paying attention to education related issues for many years. Since 2018, we have been actively participating in a reading charity project for rural children. By supplying quality monthly publications to rural elementary schools, the Company encouraged students to read more, develop and good learning and expand their reading habits, and further promote their comprehensive learning development. From 2019 to 2021, Realtek cooperated with the Global Views Educational Foundation on a program that used reading as a seed to give children a better future. Annual donations of educational magazine subscriptions to rural schools throughout Hsinchu, Miaoli, and Pingtung benefited students in 208 classes. We received feedback from teachers and students that the educational materials are conducive to breeding the habit of reading among schoolchildren and can be used as an extension teaching material for teachers to enrich and expand the course content!

In response to this, in 2022, Realtek further expanded the capacity of rural care planning by extending the donation of educational magazines to rural schools in Nantou and Yunlin counties, increasing the educational magazine subscriptions from 30 to 33 rural schools, reaching a total of 238 classes. Company employees continue to maintain contact with each school. By tracking children’s use of the educational magazines, we could arrange the resources and budget more precisely for future planning.

In 2023, Realtek will continue to keep a close watch on reading and educational resource issues for rural schools according to its annual plan. Promoting sustainable knowledge learning and guiding children to develop a reading habit, we aim to broaden their field of vision, stimulate intelligence, and brings joyful learning and growth.

Realtek cares about the educational environment of rural children. 2022 investments in educational development:

• Scholarships and grants for rural elementary schools (Yu Feng Elementary School, Hsiu Luan Elementary School, Xin Guang Elementary School, and Shih Lei Elementary School).
• Sponsorship for the “Hsiu Luan Elementary School Library and Community Reading Station Construction Project”.
• Donation of monthly educational publications to expand the reading horizons of schoolchildren.
• Sponsorship for the Shuang Si Elementary School (Baoshan Township, Hsinchu County) basketball team.
• Donation for the Little Gift of Love Charity Event at Children’s Day for rural elementary schools.
• Family Day events and snack box sharing with the four rural schools.


 Sponsorship of Academic Research and Development Activities

The progress of a country depends on dedicated research institutions leading and inspiring innovations, breakthroughs, and development. Realtek sponsors academic R&D activities to contribute towards creating a sustainable and prosperous future together.

In 2022, Realtek sponsored the following academic and research development plans:

• Sponsorship for the technology-based knowledge sharing platforms-Accomdemy
• Sponsorship for Industrial Technology Research Institute: 2022 International Symposium on VLSI
• Sponsorship for 33rd VLSI Design/ CAD Symposium, 2022
• Sponsorship for 2022 IEEE BioCAS 2022 International Symposium
• Sponsorship for 2022 IEEE Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference
• Sponsorship for Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) IC Design Committee
• Sponsorship for Tsinghua Rising Sun Cup Charity Basketball Tournament
• Donation of a Smart Ward Solution to National Taiwan University Hospital, NTUH Hsinchu Branch, and NTU BioMedical Park Hospital: 152 sets of Dome IP Cameras video surveillance monitoring systems for 27 wards
• Donation of 2,000 rapid screening reagents for NTU Hospital
• Donation to NTU BioMedical Park Hospital: mobile video conferencing systems
• Donation to NTUH Hsinchu Branch: Funding for infectious disease prevention and control research
• Donation to the Taiwan IC Industry & Academia Research Alliance 4th YST Forum
• Donation to the National Taiwan University Academic Development Foundation – NTU SoC Center
• Donation to the Cultural Foundation of National Taiwan University


 Mutual Social Assistance Project

Realtek places great importance to social care, mutual assistance, and active participation. Realtek’s employees cooperate with social welfare organizations and other groups to support charity activities and underprivileged groups. In 2022, social care projects included the following:

• Held the “Realtek 36th Anniversary Gift of Love” event, which provided care and assistance to 15 social welfare organizations
• Children Are Us Foundation: Community-based Employment and Diversity Workplace Observation Program
• Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Promotion Association: Seeing Taiwan’s Love and Care for the Epidemic Aid Project
• Saint Joseph Social Welfare Foundation: 111st Anniversary “Good Health & Bone Power Challenge Activity for Christmas”
• Saint Joseph Social Welfare Foundation: “Animal Rhapsody – Grassland Concert and Art Exhibition for the Physically and Mentally Challenged”
• Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (Hsinchu Center): 111st Anniversary “55th Summer Camp” activity
• Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (Hsinchu Center): 111st Anniversary Winter warmth charitable activity
• Catholic Church of the Angelus Foundation: “Happy Reunion”
• Eden Foundation: Service plan to support disadvantaged children in 2022
• Agricultural Technology Research Institute: Corporate group buying activity for pomelos to support local agricultural products through  actions
• Agricultural Technology Research Institute: Corporate group buying activity for atemoya fruit and donation to social welfare organizations
• Fr. Louis Dowd Social Welfare Foundation: 111st Anniversary “Hold the Years; Trek the Memory” walking activity
• Charitable cookies: Bought snack boxes from Children Are Us Foundation and donated to 5 local social welfare organizations        and 33 rural schools in the country
• Donation to Taiwan Health Foundation


‧ Realtek 36th Anniversary Gift of Love Event

Every year, Realtek contacted social welfare organizations to inquire about their operations status, and organizes the Realtek 36th Anniversary Gift of Love Event in conjunction with Realtek’s Family Day events. During the Realtek 36th Anniversary Family Day events in 2022, we designed a public welfare platform again. The goal is to introduce social welfare organizations and public welfare groups to all employees, we aimed to lead them to know more disadvantaged units and background story of each welfare organization. We encourage employees to pay continued attention and support the disadvantaged with their actions. The event was funded by the Company and a donation quota was given to each employee to encourage everyone to take part in our charitable activities. By showing compassion towards under privileged groups, Realtek spreads love, warmth, and support to people in need.


‧ Donation of Love Gifts and Charitable Cookies at Children’s Day to Social Welfare Organizations and Rural Schools

Realtek has always focused on the development of social welfare organizations as well as the education and care for children, believing that the exertion of positive influence can bring along warmth and strength to society. Therefore, we organized gift of love charitable activities before Children’s Day to give away small gift boxes of fine cookies, celebrating the festival with social welfare organizations and students in rural schools. Besides, on Realtek Family Day, we especially ordered snack boxes from Children Are Us Foundation, and donated them to 5 local social welfare organizations and 33 rural schools in the country participating in Realtek’s reading promotion charity project. We hope students will learn happily and grow healthily, feeling the blessings and warmth to learn, enjoy and share the prosperity together!