Professional Exchanges

 Engagement with External Organizations

Realtek actively participates in domestic and foreign professional organizations. Through mutual learning and exchanges, we expand multilateral relationships, exchange professional experience and market information to enhance corporate competitiveness and industrial visibility. Realtek also collaborates with international organizations to jointly establish relevant technical standards and regulations, leveraging its outstanding research and development capabilities to strengthen global influence, Realtek is a member of the following external professional organizations:


 Meetings of International Standard Setting Organizations


 Industrial-Academic Collaborative Research Project

In 2022, Realtek collaborated with the top academic research institutions at home and abroad, including professors and students, to launch 28 industrial-academic collaborative research plans, investing approximately NT$24 million on topics such as analog and digital IC design, radio frequency, machine learning,accelerators, and other advanced manufacturing techniques.Over the years, Realtek has selected different cooperation approaches through continuous industrial-academic collaborative research plans, focusing on development difficulties, technological risks, technological elasticity, technological types and urgency of needs. The types of cooperation include cooperation in R&D, entrusted research, engagement of technical consultants, holding technical seminars, etc. We have built up our core technologies in various aspects and continue to pursue innovation and breakthroughs, collaborate with various parties to cultivate more specialised and excellent talents, and strengthen the professional technology and practical capabilities of young students. At the same time, Realtek enhances its technological capability in various application fields and continuously provide customers with higher quality and more comprehensive solutions.