Economic Performance

Since its establishment, Realtek has maintained steady growth and profitability. Even the Asia Financial Crisis in 1997, the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic since 2020 did not stop Realtek from carrying out innovative chip design and R&D while focusing on enhancing customers’ product value as well as optimal solutions and services. Realtek’s objective of sustainable operations is backed by the mission to provide the best services to global partners, while continuing to achieve steady annual growth and generate strong business results.

For the semiconductor industry, the overall economic environment in 2022 has affected the end demand; the global pandemic was still filled with many uncertainties; the issues of climate change were more emphasized; and international organizations released new sustainable development guidelines, new requirements of government regulations, etc., driving the global semiconductor supply chain turning to a new R&D design, collaboration of production and sales and sustainable business model. Through continuous collaboration with the supply chain, Realtek has enhanced production management and flexibility in dispatching, and continued to develop and innovate in core business, with the unremitting efforts of all collegues of the Company. Realtek achieved consolidated revenue growth for the year, and continued to surpass the new milestone of hundred billions in revenue.


 Economic Value of Realtek Group's Production and Distribution in the Past Five Years