Green Operations (第二層入口)

Net Zero Goal

Realtek responds to the Global Net Zero Initiative, targeting Net Zero Emissions by 2050

Climate change has become an issue that cannot be ignored for the sustainable development of enterprises. Realtek continues to pay attention to and identify the potential impacts of climate change, and set up relevant management policies and response plans.

In order to mitigate the climate change crisis caused by the greenhouse effect, and actively respond to the international Net Zero Initiative, Realtek has committed to achieving the major goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. It plans to meet the goal by reducing total carbon emissions through various energy-saving and carbon-reduction measures such as continuous development of low-carbon products, improvement of equipment energy efficiency, construction and certification of office buildings in accordance with green building standards, increased use of renewable energy, and implementation of MBO (Management by Objective) for supply chain carbon reduction.

Net Zero Target and Schedule:

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