Talent Attraction and Development


 Realtek Group Labor Structure, 2022

In 2022, the Realtek Group had 6,828 employees worldwide, with 15 operating locations around the world. The number of overseas employees(Note) accounted for about 36.9% of the total employees, and more than 72% of them have master’s and doctoral degrees. The Company mainly operates in Taiwan and has 4,943 employees in Taiwan, including 4,826 full-time employees, 117 contract employees. 80.46% of the workforce were male and 19.54% were female. More than 77% of the employees have master’s and doctoral degrees. Among the new hires in 2022, we saw strong growth in the number of full-time employees, both male and female. In the past three years, there has not been a significant change in the proportion of employees due to major mergers or layoffs.

Note:Overseas employees are defined as employees whose duty stations are in a non-Taiwanese region, regardless of their nationality.


 Realtek Labor Structure in Taiwan, 2022


 Number of Employees During the Past Three Years


 Long-term partners of non-employed workers

Realtek had a total of 136 non-employed workers in Taiwan in 2022, accounting for approximately 2.75% of the total number of employees (including employed and non-employed workers) of Realtek, who were mainly engaged in supporting services, including cleaning work, security tasks, troubleshooting computer problems, EDA tool debugging support, providing high-quality group catering and other non-business activities. All of them were indirectly employed through contractors. In accordance with the management measures for contractors of Realtek, the management responsibilities were jointly implemented by Realtek and contractors. There was no significant fluctuation in the composition and number of relevant personnel in 2022.


 Talent Attraction and Development

Professionals at all fields and levels are Realtek’s most important assets. Good remuneration packages and comprehensive employee benefits are critical to the organization’s innovation, energy, and competitive advantages. Realtek sets up fair performance evaluations and incentive programs to promote employee advancement, career development, and employee retention. The current practices are as follows:


 Fair Compensation and Promotion Mechanisms

Realtek adopts uniform baseline indicators to achieve professional management goals. Using fair remuneration mechanisms and standardized evaluation formulas, the Company establishes ‘Rules Governing Promotions, Salary Adjustments, and Annual Performance Reviews’. Rigorous mechanisms are in place to maintain fair remuneration and promotion mechanisms that foster an equitable work environment. A performance feedback mechanism provides twoway communications channels and procedures for management and employees, enable both parties understand performance results and organization expectations clearly. Consistent salary standards, salary adjustment review indicators, as well as performance review and promotion guidelines are applied to all Realtek employees of both genders in every position to ensure gender equality. During the hiring process, we ensure there is no discrimination based on employee gender, race, or age in the standard of remuneration offered. Everything is implemented to ensure a fair remuneration system. In 2022, 100% of employees, both male and female, were subject to performance reviews (including contracted employees but not new employees with less than three months of service). There were no incidents of discrimination or complaints received during the year.


 Retention Plan

Realtek provides comprehensive education and training courses, employee care programs and competitive salary and welfare. Newly hired employees can quickly integrate into the Big Crab Family through new employee orientation, an introduction to the Company environment, meetings with new employees, and daily discussions with departmental supervisors and employees. In addition, considering that work and family are central to most people’s lives, the Company pays attention to the comprehensive development of employees’ work and life. In order to enhance employees’ work-life balance and health awareness planning, the Company continues to strive and invest resources to organize various exciting activities, including health promotion lectures, corporate events, community activities and incentive measures, to promote the physical, mental, and spiritual health of employees, enhance morale, strengthen work efficiency. These measures nurture healthy employees who become part of a healthy corporate structure. At the same time, Realtek also closely monitors employee turnover trends and continues to pursue talent development and retention goals. The turnover rate of employees in the past five years was below 7% (2021: below 8%).


 Retirement Plans

Realtek drafted retirement regulations and established the Labor Pension Preparation Fund Supervision Committee to support retirement planning for permanent employees in accordance with the relevant regulations of the “Labor Standards Act” and “Labor Pension Act” in Taiwan. Since 1995, the Company has made monthly contributions to the preparation fund to protect employees’ right to claim pensions. Every month, the Company deposits at least 6% of their monthly salary into their personal account with the Bureau of Labor Insurance as required by the “Labor Pension Act”. Employee pensions are paid as a monthly payment or a lump sum from the employee’s personal pension account.