Occupational Health & Safety Policy (CSR)

1.Emphasis on occupational safety and health is one of the company’s management priorities.

2.Eliminate hazards and reduce occupational safety and health risks with the goal of achieving zero accidents.

3.Based on decrees and other requirements, we will continue to improve occupational safety standards.

4.It is the basic responsibility of the company to provide a safe and healthy working environment with the participation and consultation of workers related to the company.

ISO 45001

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 A Safe, Healthy Workplace

‧ Occupational Safety and Health Management Committee

Realtek established the Occupational Safety and Health Management Committee in accordance with Article 23 of the ‘Occupational Safety and Health Act.’ The President serves as the Chairman and the committee has 14 members, including six labor representatives (42.9%), and convenes quarterly review of occupational safety and health issues. Realtek is in the IC design industry, and no employees engaged in high-risk work or roles that have a high risk of certain diseases. We continue to make improvements in occupational safety topics and procedures based on domestic and foreign legislation, we actively and attentively create a safe and reliable working environment for all employees. In 2022, the Company did not face any lawsuits resulting from employee health or safety hazards.

‧ Occupational Safety Performance

The Occupational Safety and Health Center defined supervision and measurement methods for operations and activities that may pose an unacceptable level of safety and health risk. At the end of each quarter, management performance is calculated using the factors listed in the performance evaluation standards to realize the goal of improving safety and health. These measures ensure safe practices and effective risk control among all members of the Company. In the past three years, no cases of occupational hazard or disease occurred among employees, and no violation of any laws or regulations related to employee health or safety.


 Emergency Response Plan

Realtek is required by national firefighting legislation to form an emergency response team and conduct realistic fire drills (exercise with simulated smoke) once every six months on a regular basis. Routine preventive internal inspections also provide early warning and timely fire suppression while training firefighting teams to direct the evacuation of employees and use escape equipment during the early stages of an emergency. Improving the firefighting team’s expertise with rescue, evacuation, and first aid ensures proper readiness.

In 2022, Realtek held 2 emergency response drills, with an attendance of 106 in the first half of the year and 112 in the second half of the year, totaling 218. Emergency response demonstrations include extinguishing fire sources, using fire extinguishers, operating descent devices, and responding to a smoke alarm in the first floor warehouse baking area. Following completion, a review was promptly conducted to discuss the problems found during the drill. The aim of these drills was to familiarize employees with emergency response operations, so that in the event of an emergency, relevant SOPs can be followed immediately to minimize hazards or even eliminate damages.

To raise health and safety awareness and practice among all members, Realtek installed Automated External Defibrillator (AED) devices in each office (there are a total of 15 AEDs, with 14 at the Hsinchu Headquarters and one at the Taipei office). We also hold emergency response classes for employees to learn basic rescue knowledge and join demonstrations and drills. During an emergency, employees have sufficient knowledge to save themselves and rescue others in need. These measures fulfill Realtek’s safety and defense goals while providing employees with a safer place to work.

‧ Emergency Response Team Drill Procedures


‧ Electric Vehicle Fire Rescue Drill

In order to fully implement the emergency response plan, taking into consideration the environment, sites, and equipment at each of our factories, as well as the special nature of the electric vehicle charging piles in our parking lots, in 2022, we invited external experts to provide training on fire rescue for electric vehicles at our factories. At the same time, we purchased professional fire blankets that can effectively control the impact of electric vehicle fires and limit external oxygen fuels. We also enhanced emergency rescue response experience through practical exercises to build a comprehensive and secure working environment.