Focus on Talent Cultivation

 Realtek Corporate University

In order to strengthen the cultivation and development of talents and ensure sustainable innovation and organizational development, Realtek has established the “Realtek Corporate University” to continuously develop and improve the education and training system, develop professional, abundant, diversified and quality courses, and fully integrate organizational competitiveness and sustainable development goals, so as to fully and effectively link the functional development of employees.

The “Realtek Corporate University” has set up “Speedy Induction Academy”, “R&D Innovation Academy”, “Management Leadership Academy”, “Experiential Cognition Academy” and “Learning Organization Academy”. In 2022, the “Enterprise Internship Creativity Academy” was newly established for the continuous expansion of inter-school cooperation, with a total of six academies. Realtek Corporate University is responsible for the development of Realtek’s planned training. Some academies also discuss and plan the courses through special functional committee members, fully respond to the development needs of the organization and employees, complete professional education and training to meet the needs of corporate competitiveness, and assist employees in systematically carrying out professional learning that balances breadth and depth. At the same time, we implements knowledge management, effectively sets up learning networks, and practices the goal of self-learning needs. Meanwhile, in order to make the learning channels and methods more flexible, Realtek has established a digital learning system platform. Our employees can formulate a learning plan based on their job assignments, personal needs, and preferences, independently schedule their study time and plan the progress of reviewing materials, thus creating the most customized learning environment.

The six academies of Realtek Corporate University each have different competitive targets, leading the planning and design of the Realtek’s annual education training programs that features both breadth and professionalism, with the goal of achieving the integration of talent knowledge streaming and strengthening the sustainable competitiveness of organizational knowledge. In terms of efficiency, the objective is to provide real-time and in-depth professional knowledge and technical needs for all employees in a timely manner, allow employees to receive systematic professional, diversified and integrated functional learning courses upon their arrival. In the profession, we aim to take a dynamic inventory of the organization’s professional needs and continue to shift knowledge innovation and learning. In terms of knowledge influence, we strengthen the planning and implementation of diversified, detailed and experiential programs to develop organizational professional identity and organizational cultural co-benefits. In terms of overall planning, arrangement and implementation of courses, the Company attaches great importance to the creation of overall knowledge value and the alignment, continuity and sustainability of medium- and long-term systems by methodology and processes.

Realtek recognizes the critical need to cultivate new employees. In the “Speedy Induction Academy”, Realtek has comprehensively planned and developed a number of courses to help new employees, including professional courses, organizational communication, self-development awareness and inspiring courses. It integrates a number of reflections and facilitations to develop a focused curriculum with a core purpose to strengthen professional development and organizational integration, and to promote organizational development dynamics and goals. Therefore, the new employee training camp from the Speedy Induction Academy sets professional integration and diverse development as core objectives behind its course design. Combining digital and physical courses, the camp covers material from each Academy of Realtek Corporate University, thus new employees can explore all the necessary topics in a single course. The content of the courses included functional courses in the comprehensive fields such as getting to know Realtek, specific professional courses, information security, energy conservation and environmental protection, fire drill and safety for all employees, sustainable development of Realtek, integrity and ethics, prevention of insider trading and patent standards, as well as experience-based courses designed specifically by Realtek’s “Experiential Cognition Academy”, with the goal of assisting new employees to develop organizational and strong competitiveness in their individual professional fields and career planning. In 2022, a total of 526 employees from the Realtek’s new employee training camp participated in the courses with a total of 224 training hours.

The strategy for training at Realtek Corporate University is both complete and organic. The approach of consideration is dynamic and combined with the short-, medium- and long-term goals of the organization, with the aim of talent and organizational developmentCorporate University has played a role in the synergy of professional forces in different fields in its academies, expanded the field of knowledge and integrated contemporary contexts, and kept pace with the new competition trend! For example, the “Management Leadership Academy” is beneficial to employees in developing and strengthening managerial leadership for supervisors. The content includes courses related to management leadership functions for executives and courses in the category of organizational development management. We also provided an immediate and two-way platform for learning and discussion between the Company’s managers and general employees through seminars and forums held by managers, aiming to enhance the development and management efficiency of various key businesses in the organization.

With independent planning and integrated execution of major academies, Realtek Corporate University aims to achieve effective and complete strategic planning goals of Realtek’s education and training, provide substantive assistance and contribution to talent development and organizational competitiveness; at the same time, the Company also integrates the corporate culture in the planning and execution of education and training. While expanding the functions of education and training, the Company also participates in organizational innovation, teamwork and sustainability. Realtek’s corporate culture emphasizes “self-confidence and trust in people”, “teamwork”, “innovation” and “vitality”. We believe that by combining education and training planning and practice with organizational culture, we will continue to develop education and development with Realtek’s unique competitiveness!


 Campus R&D and Education Cooperation

In 2022, Realtek Corporate University set up a new “Enterprise Internship Creativity Academy”. The “Enterprise Internship Creativity Academy” is a forward-looking concept plan to provide Realtek’s enterprise internship partners with dedicated cross-field courses related to accelerating the learning of professional fields, industry awareness and organizational interaction. In addition, Realtek also provides ESG-related courses and physical participation for trainees, hoping to expand the cooperation with all employees in various fields to strengthen and implement the goal of professional social responsibility and corporate social responsibility through the participation and exchange of young students!

Education collaboration is one of the key topics to sustainable contribution to the society and is one of the targets for the long-term resources of Realtek. The “Enterprise Internship Creativity Academy” is to continuously give back to the society, cultivate potential talents in the campus, expand the scope of ESG in R&D and education cooperation in the campus. The goal is to cultivate specific majors and integrated functions of student development, and comprehensively manage and innovate the development of Realtek’s internship program, internship study, career professional consultation assistance, evaluation, etc. In 2022, a total of 41 interns were recruited. Through the design of curriculum courses for comprehensive functional development and the adherence to the compulsory training system, the trainees were promoted to combine academic knowledge with practical R&D expertise to achieve the goal of professional comprehensive efficiency. Furthermore, through the proprietary specialist counsellor system, we help trainees to understand the R&D process and practical operation of the semiconductor industry, so as to achieve the goal of effective learning and cultivating semiconductor talents. In addition, we also provide dedicated team guides for trainees, offer life consultation and assistance, as well as special counselling for career development discussion and problem solving. Realtek Semiconductor hopes to make inter-school technology
R&D talents better understand the professional knowledge of the semiconductor industry through the internship program, and also hopes to stimulate their learning interest and research momentum, so as to cultivate comprehensive functions such as R&D innovation, technology management and positive ideas, and contribute to the cultivation and development of future science and technology talents of the country.