Shared Prosperity in a Happy Workplace

 Professionalism and Happiness: the Big Crab Family

The Realtek Big Crab Family consists of talented people from a wide range of fields. We firmly believe that the employees we assemble fuel our pursuit of sustainable operations and form a core asset of the company, and we truly respect and value the unique skills and attributes of each new recruit. Close monitoring of our human capital starts with fair and just candidate interviews, as part of a careful hiring mechanism that openly welcomes all new members of our team. We then assign them to suitable professional roles, and provide a training environment that offers knowledge and skills. Our aim is for all employees to develop and grow with the company so that they can effectively contribute their knowledge and expertise towards making Realtek’s business development more sustainable. We regularly review our policies and strategies to drive the continued management of re-engineering of human resources and services while building an equal, inclusive, and diverse work environment. We promote sustainable breakthroughs and development of our human resources, with the aim of helping our cooperative partners foster knowledge cooperation, service interaction, and growth. By strengthening our employee training development, enhancing employee welfare policies, promoting employee relations, and building corporate social responsibility, we build a team fully committed to the goals of the company. By expanding the innovative growth and service dynamism of our Big Crab Family, we have turned Realtek into a leading member of the IC design industry that is known for continuous innovation and R&D, outstanding quality, and thoughtful service.

We compile the company’s human resources statistics based on employment type, employment contract, and gender. Realtek has a total workforce of 4,232 employees, including 4,116 full-time employees (indefinite employment contracts) and 116 contract employees (fixed-term employment contracts). Our workforce is 80.46% male and 19.54% female.In response to strong demand for innovation and e R&D, as well as talented professionals, Realtek plans R&D teams in advance and recruits candidates from all fields. In 2020, we saw significant growth in all employment types and genders.

Employee statistics sorted by employment type, role, gender, nationality, and other categories are provided as follows for reference.

Employee Statistics Sorted by Age, Education, Role and Gender (Reference Date:2020/12/31)

EN 員工總數統計表

Distribution of Employee Nationality by Gender

EN 員工國籍聘用比例依性別統計表


 Realtek Corporate University provides a wide range of professional education and training opportunities

Realtek Corporate University provides systematic learning that balances both curriculum breadth and depth. The university consists of five academies: Speedy Induction Academy, R&D Innovation Academy, Management Leadership Academy, Experiential Cognition Academy, and Learning Organization Academy. Each academy has its own complete set of goals under which employees are provided with effective study guidance and rich course content created under a rigorous planning system and flexible, autonomous learning models.

  • Self-confidence is a product of professionalism
  • Trust in people comes from sharing, believing in the team, and helping others to grow
  • Team spirit comes from voluntarily coordinating with and supporting the team
  • Innovation is about leadership continuity, breakthroughs, and creating new value, new disciplines, and new opportunities
  • Vitality is about service and passion


 Safe Workplace and Health Promotion

Realtek established the Occupational Safety and Health Management Committee in accordance with Article 23 of the ‘Occupational Safety and Health Act’. The committee has 13 members and convenes quarterly to conduct a comprehensive review of occupational safety and health issues. Realtek is in the IC design industry, so there are no employees engaged in high-risk work or roles that have a high risk of certain diseases. We continue to make improvements in occupational safety topics and procedures based on domestic and foreign legislation. We work actively and attentively to create a safe and reliable working environment in which all employees feel at ease.


 Realtek Occupational Safety and Health Policy:

  • Paying attention to occupational safety and health is a priority of Realtek’s operations.
  • All employees shall seek to achieve zero injuries by eliminating hazards and reducing occupational safety and health risks.
  • Engage in improvements to enhance occupational safety and health standards based on statutory and other requirements.
  • Participation and counsel from all employees is critical. Providing a safe and healthy work environment is a fundamental responsibility of the company.

ISO 45001



 Realtek Labor Policy

Realtek believes that talent and knowledge are cornerstones of sustainable corporate development. As an innovation and technology R&D company, innovative services and development are central parts of the planning behind our human resources policy.

We implemented a labor policy that incorporates five key indicators: manpower, service, training, environment, and management. The Realtek Labor Policy is as follows:

  1. Protect the rights and interests of employees
  2. Provide a healthy work environment
  3. Comply with national labor laws
  4. Advocate equality, safety, and accountability
  5. Value employee training and development
  6. Promote corporate engagement and responsibility