Realtek Supports Charity with a Smile

 Supplier Management

Shared prosperity is an important part of Realtek’s commitment to corporate responsibility, as shown by our longstanding support of charitable activities. In 2008, we launched a special social welfare program that is based on the idea of supporting charity with a smile. Employees are encouraged to join, which raises the company’s consensus for carrying out sustainable, shared prosperity initiatives. We hope to bring the lessons of social care to society while producing concrete benefits for all involved.

Realtek’s supporting charity with a smile social welfare program covers six categories: employee social care education, disadvantaged groups, emergency assistance, academic research, school-age child development, and individual cases. These categories encompass a wide variety of topics and care recipients. In 2010, the company established the Realtek CSR Planning Center for more systematic planning of resource allocation, and to invest more resources and energy into expanding social care and fulfilling CSR. Besides providing care to external recipients, we design internal activities that reinforce the importance of social care to employees. We also continue to learn from the society to strengthen and activate Realtek’s strategic CSR planning, resulting in greater engagement and more effective actions.

In 2020, we invested NT$13,998,019 towards social participation


  Education Grants to Support Children from Indigenous Communities

Realtek considers education to be one of the most important parts of social prosperity. Education is a long-term effort that has a significant impact on the sustainable development of individual students and the nation as a whole, which represents a longstanding key area of interest for Realtek. To support indigenous education in Hsinchu County, Realtek provided learning awards and assistance to four rural schools. We believe greatly in enriching educational resources so that each child’s learning and development can be enhanced. We also hope that the children who benefit will one day give back to their community, creating a cycle of mutual support and care.

Each year, Realtek invites all students and teachers from four schools (Shih Lei Elementary School, Yu Feng Elementary School, Xin Guang Elementary School, and Hsiu Luan Elementary School) to participate in Realtek Family Day. The company fully subsidizes transportation costs, provides event vouchers, and gives educational souvenirs (in 2020 we gave a book that provides a simplified introduction to The Analects of Confucius). The company chairman uses the event to present financial gifts to each of the schools, so that the schools have funding for special programs that provide more learning opportunities. By supporting these students’ physical and mental development, they become better prepared to contribute to their households, communities, society, and nation.


  Social Care Projects

Social prosperity is a critical part of Realtek’s annual benevolence and care. In 2020, our support for society and timely participation in social care projects included the following:

  • Children Are Us Foundation: Fundraising plan to replace equipment at the Zhubei baking station.
  • Hsinchu Ai-Heng Training Center: Promotional plan for low carbon, environmental protection, and welfare for the disabled initiatives.
  • Eden Foundation: Disadvantaged children support plan.
  • Taiwan Prevent Blindness Foundation: ‘Let the eyes see’ program to support optometry in rural areas.
  • Ruth Society for Disability Services charitable fundraising activity.
  • Taiwan indigenous culture promotion association: Yilan ‘Scallion fun farm camp’ charitable activity for disadvantaged groups.
  • The Society of Jesus Hsinchu Social Service Center: Sponsored the ‘Guardians of Time’ senior care and love activity.
  • Miaoli Lalove Home: 2020 ‘Dreams fly’ fundraising activity for new home facilities.
  • Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, Hsinchu Center: Winter warmth charitable activity.
  • St. Joseph's Social Welfare Foundation, Hsinchu City: 2020 Christmas GO happy learning family activity.


  Sponsorship of Academic Research and Development Activities

National progress depends on dedicated research institutions leading and inspiring innovations and breakthroughs. Realtek sponsors academic R&D activities so that we can contribute towards creating a sustainable and prosperous future together. In 2020, Realtek sponsored the following academic and research development plans:

  • Donation of Smart Ward Solution for Hsin-Chu Biomedical Park Branch, NTU Hospital: Fall prevention necklaces and webcams.
  • Industrial Technology Research Institute: 2020 VLSI Design/CAD Symposium.
  • Taiwan Engineering Medicine Biology Association: Symposium on Engineering, Medicine, and Biology Applications.
  • NTU System Foundation.
  • The Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering – Electrical Engineering Association.
  • Hsinchu County Cultural Foundation.
  • AI Island platform establishment and classes.
  • Donation to the Liver Disease Prevention & Treatment Foundation.
  • Donation to the Taiwan Lung Foundation.


  Sponsorship of Local, Regional, and Community Groups

Neighborly support and cooperation are also fundamental to CSR. Realtek has always focused on embracing and supporting the local community. In 2020, Realtek contributed towards the sustainability of local groups by offering the following assistance and support:

  • Support local agriculture – Hualien watermelon purchase': Sharing with company employees and charitable organizations.
  • Sponsorship for activities carried out by the Friends of the Police Association.
  • Sponsorship for activities carried out by the Hsinchu County Association of Fire Protection.
  • Lung disease prevention for police officers: Donation to the Taiwan Lung Foundation to conduct LDCT lung cancer screening tests on officers with the Hsinchu County Police Bureau.
  • Sponsorship for the Wufeng volunteer fire squad, under the Hsinchu County Fire Bureau.
  • Adoption of public road lights in Hsinchu City.
  • Sponsorship for the Chinese Professional Management Association of Hsinchu.
  • Sponsorship for the Taipei Awakening Association.
  • Sponsorship for the Hsinchu Sports Development Association.
  • Sponsorship for the Association of Ultrarunners.
  • Caring for people’s health by collaborating on construction of coronavirus disease prevention facilities: Donated infrared thermal imaging instruments to the Humanistic Culture and Education Foundation, Taipei Lungshan Temple, the Good Liver Foundation, and the NTU Hsinchu Biomedical Park Hospital.