Realtek Business Continuity Plan

 Business Continuity Management

EN 營運持續管理方針

 Risk Management

To implement sustainable operations, enhance corporate governance, and understand internal and external economic, environmental, and social risks that we may face, Realtek established a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Relevant departments identify risks that could have a material impact on operations, then monitor those risks and carry out preventive measures that are within the scope of their authority. By improving our response capabilities, we protect the rights and interests of shareholders and raise the company’s competitiveness.

Meanwhile, to prevent and reduce the threat that risks pose to the company’s operations, Realtek established risk management policies. These include a risk management organization framework and responsibilities, risk management categories, and management strategies. The objective of these policies is to ensure Realtek’s business continuity and lower the potential impact that major incidents could have on the company.

 Realtek Risk Management Organization Framework and Responsibilities

EN 風險管理組織架構與職責

 Realtek Risk Management Categories

EN 風險管理範疇