Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Our company conducts business operation and actively practices of corporate social responsibility simultaneously, which in relation with the international development trend. Additionally, through the acts as a corporate citizen, our company promotes the corporate responsibility as competitive advantage.
  2. Our company fulfills corporate social responsibility with a focus on the interest of stakeholders. Pursuing sustainable development and profit, meanwhile, our company attaches importance to environmental, social and corporate governance factors, and includes them into the company's management objectives and operational activities.


 Stakeholder Contacts


 Table of Stakeholder Engagement Method, Frequency and Procedure

 Stakeholder Method of communication  Frequency of communication Related records Top 3 Sustainability Topics of Stakeholder Concern
Investors Annual general shareholders’ meeting Annual Shareholders’ meeting agenda and meeting minutes
  1. Economic performance
  2. Business integrity and compliance
  3. Corporate Governance
Quarterly results conference and online conference
(Investor conference)
Quarterly Financial information from investor conferences at the Market Observation Post System
Monthly revenue report Monthly Publication of monthly revenues on Market Observation Post System, Realtek website
Domestic conferences 5 ~ 10 sessions
per week
Investor visited the company in person or took part in telephone interview
Foreign investor forum 4 times a year Financial information from investor conferences at the Market Observation Post System
Employees Realtek organizational communication meeting Quarterly Organizational communication meeting minutes
  1. Economic performance
  2. Improved performance and innovation R&D
  3. Remuneration and benefits
  4. Development of new markets
  • Items 3 and 4 had identical levels of concern
Employee performance interview Half-yearly Employee performance review form
Welfare Committee Quarterly Welfare Committee meeting minutes
Internal communication channels (E-mail, posters, announcement, notice board, Intranet) Ad hoc E-mail, posters, photos announcement
Customers CSR and RBA audits Annual Customer audit records
  1. Customer rights
  2. Improved performance and innovation R&D
  3. Economic performance
  4. Business integrity and compliance
  • Items 3 and 4 had identical levels of concern
Quarterly business meetings Quarterly Meeting minutes
Customer GP/environmental protection requirements Ad hoc Customer specifications
Customer satisfaction survey Annual Customer feedback records
Customer and supplier conference Annual Conference content
Government Agency Official correspondence Ad hoc Official document, correspondence and bulletin
  1. Climate change
  2. Economic performance
  3. Reduce energy consumption
Market Observation Post System website Ad hoc
Various policies Ad hoc
Corporate website Ad hoc
Suppliers Review of documentation Annual Supplier Evaluation Form
  1. Improved performance and innovation R&D
  2. Development of new markets
  3. Reduce energy consumption
On-site audit
(for qualified suppliers only)
Monthly of bi-monthly Supplier audit record
Regular supplier conference Ad hoc Meeting minutes
Non-Profit Organization Telephone interview Ad hoc Telephone interview records
  1. Reduce energy consumption
  2. Green products
  3. Occupational safety and health management
Face-to-face interview Ad hoc Interview record
CSR mailbox Ad hoc E-mail


Procedure for handling topics of stakeholder concern

Our standard procedure for responding to stakeholder feedback is as follows:

  1. Issues raised by external stakeholders are reported during each department’s regular internal meetings.
  2. The heads of each department regularly brief the upper management on issues of stakeholder concern and future plans.
  3. Inter-department meetings are convened by the CSR Center to analyze how each topic impacts on Realtek.
  4. The results of continuous internal reviews are reported by the CRS Center to the top management in order to identify the material topics and internal/external boundaries for disclosure as well as Realtek’s response.
  5. Conduct internal audits to determine whether there is sufficient supporting evidence for public disclosure.
  6. Once the scope and Boundary of topics to be disclosed this year have been confirmed, respond publicly to topics of stakeholder concern through report or official press release.