Conflict Mineral Policy


Conflict Minerals are those minerals specified in the EICC (Electronic Industry Code of Conduct); tin, gold, tantalum, and tungsten in particular, that are mainly mined in Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries with armed conflict and human rights violations. Minerals produced in those areas are sometimes mined by exploitation of forced civilian workers, leading to human rights violations and poor working conditions.

Realtek initiated conflict minerals survey and management in 2010 in accordance with EICC and CFSP (Conflict-Free Smelter Program). Realtek's suppliers are required to provide a Conflict Mineral Policy Statement and written certificate that no minerals from conflict-affected locations are used in the manufacture of Realtek products, thereby assuring that Realtek products contain no conflict minerals. Realtek shall continue such survey and management to maintain our no conflict minerals policy and social responsibility.



Source Countries of the Four Major Metals used in Realtek Products

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